In order to use our facilities, beginner wakeboarders are required to contact us (+36 70 380 35 06) and make a booking in advance.

During the beginner sessions with a speed of 25 km/h, our friendly instructors will guide you through the basic techniques of water-skiing and wakeboarding.

Price: 6.000 HUF (including water-skis, wakeboard with soft bindings, life jacket)

Children under 14 are not allowed to use our facilities without adult supervision.

Nézd meg folyamatosan frissülő naptárunkat

Children Summer Camp 2019

Price : 69.900 Ft

–  teaching the basics
– 2 x 1-hour coaching per day (beginners, intermediate and pro students)
– acrobatics training
– 3 meals per day


Our reception number is +36 70 380 35 06 and it is only available during opening hours. If you’ve tried to contact us and the number was not available, we will call you back as soon as possible.

Unfortunately if we don’t you call back, which might happen during peak times, please contact us again (thank you for your understanding).
By calling the reception number, you can make bookings for the beginner sessions. Also do not hesitate to call our number if you need any information regarding opening hours, technical problems, etc., because our crew will do their best to help you.

If you like our Facebook page, we will keep you updated with all the necessary and latest information, e.g. opening hours, availability, etc.

Beginner’s hour
During the beginner hours the speed of the cable park is 25 km/h. Beginner sessions, which take 60 minutes, are only available in the mornings for a limited number of riders (max. 18-20 persons).
First you need to learn the basic rules and then our instructors will guide you through the basic techniques of wakeboarding.

Normal opening hours
As soon as the beginner sessions finish, the speed is increased to 30 km/h which meets the European standards and you can enjoy riding until the sun sets…

Dogs are not allowed in the cable park.



The following rules ensure that our visitors can use water sports and other related services provided on the Lake Omszk by the Operator, OWC Ltd., in a cultivated manner, behave appropriately with each other sot that sport can be done safely and free of accidents, and our visitors can relax agreeably.

By using water sports and other related services provided by the Operator, OWC Ltd. on the Lake Omszk, our visitors expressively accept this regulation and take notice of the fact that they must respect this regulation all time and use the Operator’s services according to them.

This regulation can be read at the porter’s lodge near the entrance, at the reception and on the wall of the catering establishment.


Area of the service:
OWC Ltd., as the operator (hereinafter the Operator) is exclusively entitled to provide water sports activities and other related services on the Lake Omszk (address: Omszk Park topographical no. 1861/16, Budakalász HU-2011). The services provided by the Operator can be used in the water and on the shore of the Lake Omszk in the area visibly surrounded by buoys (hereinafter referred to as the Complex).

Use of services:
The users of the services provided by the Operator on the Lake Omszk (hereinafter: the Visitors) may use the services only for their own responsibility and at their own risk. Using the rope track, ramps, jumps and sliders is a dangerous leisure activity, so it is only for people whose physical and mental capacities enable them to use the track and its elements in compliance with the security requirements specified by the Operator.

A Disclaimer of individual responsibility must be filled in by the visitors each time when they buy a daily ticket or learning lesson ticket, and once at the moment of purchase if they buy a seasonal/half seasonal ticket or a ticket for 10 occasions. In this declaration, the visitor accepts the content of this regulation and takes notice of the fact that the Operator shall control the observations of the rules.

Opening hours:
The Operator’s sports services and the connected catering establishment’s services can be used only during the opening hours specified by the Operator for the entire complex. The opening hours of the complex are as follows: Friday, Saturday and Sunday during pre- and post-season, and every weekday during peak season. The number of opening hours depends on the season and the weather, the Operator provides relevant information on its Facebook site to visitors. The Operator is exclusively entitled to specify and modify the opening hours, it reserves the right to modify the dates and hours.

Reception of groups:
The Operator reserves the right to reserve one hour a day for receiving groups, during this hour the use of the track is limited. The Operator informs the visitors about such events on its Facebook site. No damages may be claimed from the Operator due to the limited track use in the case of such events.

Learning lessons and personal or small group trainings:
The Operator offers learning lessons and training possibilities for experienced water sportsmen having a seasonal ticket. The Operator informs the Visitors about the time of learning lessons on its Facebook site or via phone upon request. Registration in advance is obligatory for the learning lessons.


Obligatory conditions of participation at the learning lessons:

  • registration in advance,
  • purchase of a learning ticket,
  • learning ticket entitles the Visitors to participate at learning lessons only,
  • appropriate level of swimming knowledge,
  • participation at the education provided by the Operator,
  • respecting track using and safety prescriptions, and following the Operator’s instruction,
  • using a life vest,
  • safe and responsible use of the rented equipment,
  • it is forbidden to use the elements on the water with rented equipment,
  • using the elements on the water with own equipment is permitted only if wearing a helmet,
  • learning lessons last 60 minutes (from x o’clock to y o’clock), the Operator is entitled to modify the time of the learning lessons.


Conditions of personal and small group trainings:

  • purchase of seasonal ticket,
  • registration in advance,
  • respecting the track use and safety prescriptions, following the Operator’s and the trainer’s instructions, accepting a trainer’s supervision,
  • paying the additional training fee above the seasonal ticket,
  • training fees entitle only to visiting personal or small group trainings, it cannot be added to any other fee,
  • the training fee must be paid at the moment of the training, at the beginning of it.


Wearing an armband or a card:
Visitors can enter and stay on the area of the complex only if they continuously wear the armband or the card received at the entrance. The Operator may ask the Visitors at any time to show or wear their armbands or cards. If the Visitor does not wear the armband or the card, the Operator may call him/her upon to immediately leave the area of the complex.

The Operator provides a bar code card to Visitors with seasonal ticket for using the track. Visitors may pay in the catering establishment with this card if money is transferred to the card in advance. The Visitor takes notice of the fact that the money transferred to the card will not be repaid if the Visitor does not use it in the catering establishment, and as the card is valid until the end of the season (31 October), if the amount is not used until this date, it will be lost. Visitors must have the bar code card on them, the track cannot be used without it. If the card is lost, the fee of replacement is HUF 2000. The card is personal and cannot be assigned to others.

The bar code card connected to the seasonal ticket is valid for the entire season, from 1 April to 31 October, or for half season, from 1 July to 31 October. Seasonal and half-seasonal tickets cannot be used the next season. The Operator is not obliged to purchase back the seasonal or half-seasonal ticket, except if it is its own interest. If the Visitor can prove with official medical justification that he/she cannot use the seasonal or half-seasonal ticket due to his/her health state, the Operator may decide at its own discretion to purchase back the proportional part of the ticket.

Fees, seasonal tickets:
The fee for the Operator’s services must be paid in advance when entering the complex. Seasonal tickets may be used only within the period of validity, the fee of unused occasions will not be refunded after the expiry date.

Visitors must pay a fee for entering the area of the complex and using the sports services. The Operator has the exclusive right to determine and modify the fees at any time.

Visitors without ticket or with invalid ticket cannot be in the area of the complex, the Operator may send such visitors out of the area of the complex.

If the Visitor does not wish to use the sports services only other services of the complex, he/she must pay a one-time fee entitling for entrance when entering the complex.

The fee of sports services is paid in one amount, or by purchasing a ticket for 10 occasions or a seasonal ticket.  These fees must be paid in advance by the Visitors. Seasonal tickets must be paid in one amount or two instalments.

The Operator offers 10 percent discount in the shop of the complex for Visitors with seasonal ticket.

Hourly or daily tickets may be used during the opening hours of the track.

If the track cannot be used due to any reason attributable to the Operator, Visitors must request information from the Operator about the possibility of using the remaining time of hourly and daily tickets.

If the service is reduced for any technical reason, the Operator reserves the right to decide at its own discretion about modifying the fee.

Fees are payable on the site in cash, banking transfer is not possible.

Use of services, obligatory rules relating to the use of the track:
Visitors may use the sports services for their own responsibility and at their own risk. They must respect the safety and using requirements prescribed by the Operator, accept the Operator’s oral or written instructions and use the complex according to them.

Sports services, water ski, wakeboard, paddle board can be used only by those who can swim.

Visitors may appropriately use the sports equipment in the area of the complex. Visitors must place the sports equipment used by them to the designated point after using them. If the sports equipment was received at the reception, it must be given back at the reception when leaving the complex. If the equipment is damaged or lost, the Visitor will be financially liable towards the Operator.

Incapable people, people under alcoholic or drug influence or having a contagious illness endangering others cannot visit the complex. Pregnant women can use the services of the complex only at their own risk. It is expressively forbidden to use the track in a narcotic state due to medical treatment, illness, alcohol, drug or any other narcotic medicine.

Upon the Operator’s instruction, the visitor must interrupt the use of the track after 3 rounds and let other visitors use the track. Simultaneously with blowing the horn this rule of 3 round is introduced without the Operator’s instruction.

Visitors must wear a life vest all time and a helmet when using the elements.

It is forbidden to use the elements with metal skeg.

It is prohibited to catch the rope if it arrives empty. You must swim from under the rope because of the following sportsman.

It is forbidden to use the elements placed on the water with rented equipment.

Visitors must take notice of the fact that the slipping order depends on the position in the queue, the Operator is not obliged to give advantage to any Visitor.

It is forbidden to jostle on the pier, failure to respect this requirement leads to the interdiction of using the track for 3 days.

Tandem slipping is allowed only upon the Operator’s authorization and supervision. If the Operator cannot ensure supervision to the tandem slipping, it is strictly prohibited.

It is forbidden to disturb other Visitors when they perform the exercises. This sport requires large concentration and loosing concentration may lead to accidents. It is forbidden to use the track in a way which endangers other’s physical state or the Operator’s assets. Violating this rule may lead to the strictest consequence i.e. exclusion.

Tugging the track is very dangerous and therefore strictly forbidden. Repeating this action may lead to exclusion.

The Visitor takes notice of the fact that he/she must put the rented equipment on the storing supports after using them. Visitors with seasonal ticket may put their equipment into the seasonal warehouse. If the Visitor with seasonal ticket wishes to use this storing possibility, he/she must put the equipment into the seasonal warehouse after using them.

Visitors with seasonal ticket may store only their currently needed sports equipment, it is forbidden to store any other clothes. The Operator will not be liable in any way for the equipment put into the seasonal warehouse. Visitors must take their sports equipment form the seasonal warehouse before the closure of the season i.e. before 31 October. If the Visitor fails to fulfil this obligation, he/she must pay storage fee to the Operator. If the sports equipment is not taken away after 6 months, the Operator will may eliminate it.

Our Visitors may place their personal documents and valuables in the safety-deposit boxes. All objects found in the area of the complex must be handed over to the Operator.

HUF 2000 is payable if the key of the dressing room or the safety-deposit box is lost.

Showers can be used only for cleaning purposes after sports exercises. All other uses are forbidden.

Visitors may dress in the cubicles designated for this purpose. Visitors must avoid all disturbing and indecent behaviour.

The sauna may be used only by sportsmen and sportswomen doing sport in the area of the complex. It cannot be used in neoprene clothing.

Slippers must be worn in the area of the dressing rooms and showers and in the forefront of the sauna.

Only the designated swimming area may be used for swimming purposes on the Lake Omszk and only by those who can swim. People without swimming knowledge or with weak swimming knowledge must be accompanied by a swimmer in the area of the Lake Omszk designated for swimming. It is forbidden to fish in the swimming area during the swimming season.

Visitors must immediately report to the Operator all extraordinary events observed in the area of the complex. Extraordinary events include all events and circumstances which differ from usual events and endanger the life or physical safety of people in the complex, or can have serious consequences on the material goods in the complex or means a real threat, or provokes serious disturbance in the operation of the complex. Extraordinary events are especially the followings:

  • fire, explosion,
  • threat with explosion,
  • crime or attempt of crime against or by the employees or visitors of the complex;
  • intentional and violent intervention or its attempt against the complex as an establishment or its equipment and devices;
  • accidents with death or serious personal injuries;
  • extraordinary current or operation interruption;
  • elemental damage.

The Operator or the competent authorities must be immediately informed upon the observation of such extraordinary event at the following phone numbers:

Ambulance: 104

Fire service: 105

Police: 107

General help: 112

It is forbidden to take or keep animals in the area of the complex.

It is prohibited to take any dangerous materials (infectious, poisonous, flammable, explosive, acidic, teasing or any other harmful powder, gas, steam, fog or radiating material), arms, piercing or cutting devices or any other objects deemed to be dangerous by the Operator, drugs or any other narcotic materials not qualified as drug, including alcohol.

It is forbidden to throw litter or stones or pollute the environment in the area of the complex.

It is prohibited to use open flame in the area of the complex, smoking is allowed only at the designated points.

It is strictly forbidden to use the complex outside the opening hours.

If the weather conditions justify it, the Operator may ban the use of the track and operate the complex otherwise than stipulated in the opening hours.

All activities are banned in the area of the complex which are outside the Operator’s service activities, would violate any law or public moral, and all other activities which provoke strong noise, smell or any other environmental harm.

It is forbidden to carry out any commercial activity, such as barter, money exchange, sale, advertising or propaganda (placing advertising boards, stopping boards, wall leaflets or leaflets), selling souvenirs or distributing product samples for commercial purposes, selling artefact products for any business purpose, carrying out insurance agent’s activities or stock selling activities, forbidden gambling game or music services.

If the Operator makes or orders any kind of advertising material in the area of the complex presenting or propagating its activities and services for any purpose (moving film or photo), by being in the sports centre, the Visitor automatically agrees to the making of such picture or sound materials and accepts that the Operator publishes such pictures or sounds or use them in any way without time or space limitation including all methods of use.

By being on the site, the Visitor agrees that audiovisual materials made at the event can be used without time or space limitation including all uses specified in paragraphs 18-29, 64-66, 72-74 of Act on Personal Rights (Szjt). The Operator is entitled to broadcast the materials to the public in any way according to these stipulations, including broadcasting part or all of the footage to the public by means of cable or any other means, and make it available in such a way that members of the public can choose the place and time of access individually. The authorisation for use includes the assignment or transfer of the acquired property or using rights. No counter-value will be due to the Visitors for their above specified contribution, and by being on the site the Visitor expressively disclaims this counter-value.

The Operator takes data registration on Visitors using its sports services. By giving his/her data, the Visitor agrees to the registration of these data for this purpose. If the Visitor requests the termination of data handling or its erasure from the registration, the data keeping Operator is obliged to satisfy this request but may refuse to continue to provide its services to the Visitor. The Operator is entitled to refuse to offer its affected services if the Visitor fails to provide part or all of necessary data.

The Operator as data handler warrants that the data of Visitors using the sports services are kept only for identifying the Visitor and checking his/her entitlement to the services, and for keeping the necessary data registration with face photos, on the basis of the Visitor’s approval, and entirely in respect of the relevant provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the right of informational self-determination and on freedom of information, for a period of 2 years from the provision of the data. Upon expiration of the period of data handling, or within 30 days from receipt of the request relating to the erasure of data, the data handling Operator will erase the personal data from the registration. The data handling Operator will provide information on data handling at any time upon request, and the Visitor may request their correction or erasure at the following addresses: OWC Ltd. (company seat: Omszk Park topographical no. 1861/16., Budakalász HU-2011) by mail or at the e-mail address. The Visitor has the right to make objection against the handling of his/her personal data. If he/she does not agree with the data handler’s decision made on the basis of the objection, he/she can turn to the court or the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

The Operator is entitled to check the accuracy of personal data and ask the Visitor’s personal identification card for this purpose.

Visitors may express their complaints and observations to the Operator orally or in writing in the Visitors’ Book available for this purpose at an accessible place.


There is an equipped room in the area of the complex suitable for providing first aid to Visitors suffering accident in the area of the complex. In the case of accidents, the Operator must take Minutes on the accident.

The Operator is not liable for any accidents occurring in the area of the complex due to the violation or non-respect of the Operator’s written or oral instructions.

Special prescriptions relating to minors

People under 18 are minors.

Minors enlisting the sports services provided by the Operator for the first time can only use them in the presence of their parents/legal representative. This shall be overruled only with the prior consent of the Operator. The parents/legal representative must prove his/her identity with an official document.

Minors under 18 shall use the water sport services only with the prior written consent of his/her parents.

Minors can use the sports services provided by the Operator only under supervision, they cannot use the track without supervision. Visitors must take notice of the fact that the Operator does not provide supervision for minors (with the exception of summer camps organized by it), and cannot be obliged to do so even if it fails to make expressive objection against leaving minors without supervision.

The Operator has the right to exclude from the area of the complex any minors left without supervision by handing him/her over to the parents/legal representative.

The Operator will not be liable in any way for any accidents suffered by minors with special regard to the case when the minor is left without supervision.

Under 8 years, the track may be used only if agreed in advance with the Operator.

Minors under 18 can use the water sports services only with Instructor on a learning lesson if it is their first time.

Minors over 14 can use the water sports services with an hourly or daily ticket and only with supervision but without any other restrictions referring to the usage of the ticket.

Minors under 16 shall purchase seasonal ticket if at least one of his/her parents have seasonal ticket and do the sports activity jointly with the minor.

Minors between 14-16 can use the water sports services with a seasonal ticket that can be used freely, based on individual treatment, with consent of the trainer, without supervision.

Minors under 16 may purchase so-called children ticket. With this ticket minors can use water sports services without supervision but this ticket can be used only in the following period:

Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday training + 2 hour ticket /week/

The time of these training sessions will be defined in a closed group on Facebook.

The minor shall be a registered member of the Hungarian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation.

An examination by a sports physician is required to enter into a competition.

The Operator provides opportunity for the minors to participate on the training lessons without purchasing seasonal ticket, but in this case an hourly ticket shall be purchased as well as training fee shall be paid.

Legal consequences
If the Visitor violates the provisions of this regulation or the generally accepted rules of behaviour or the Operator’s oral or written instructions, the Operator will warn the violating person and call him/her upon to terminate the violating behaviour. If the warning is unsuccessful, or the rules are seriously violated, the Operator may call the Visitor upon to leave the complex without previous warning and to exclude – temporarily or permanently – the Visitor with seasonal ticket from its members. If the event exceeds its entitlement to take measures, the Operator may call the help of the police or other authority body and all affected parties must cooperate according to their instructions. The excluded violating Visitor cannot enforce any claim or damage claim against the Operator.

These regulations apply also to Visitors with seasonal tickets or 10 times tickets.

The Operator is entitled to enforce the respect of this regulation and its instructions towards Visitors who refuse to respect the rules or protest against the Operator’s will, in this case all services can be banned for him/her, he/she can be led out or excluded from the area of the complex.

All intentional or seriously negligent damage making will lead to liability claim in the area of the complex.

The Operator shall not be responsible for damages made to people or in materials if they arise from the non-respect of the regulation or the generally expectable behaviour rules, or from any behaviour attributable to the Visitors. Furthermore, it will not be liable for any object or equipment lost or stolen in the area of the complex. Visitors will be liable for all damages and damage events arising from the loss of clothes, valuables and other tangible assets brought by them into the area of the complex. The Operator will not be liable in any way for accidents arising from the inappropriate use of equipment owned by it (showers, hair-driers).

Entering into effect
This regulation enters into effect on 1 April 2015 and will remain valid until withdrawal.


OWC Ltd. Operator